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Administration/ C-Level Management
Examples include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
Accounting/ Financial
Controllers are responsible for the financial books and records and for the internal controls needed to follow money around the hospital. They are the first line for financial reporting internally and externally.
Admissions/ Registration
Patient Registrars are responsible for greeting and registering patients, verifying all patient information and insurance details, and collecting co-pays, answering calls, and paging medical employees as needed.
This position will direct multiple departments of non-nursing services like pharmacy, respiratory, rehab therapy, etc. Management positions will require a Bachelor’s degree and experience over at least one clinical department.
Business Office/ Patient Financial Services
PSF Reps are responsible for day to day activities of patient billing and collection, third-party payer relations, and preparation of insurance claims.  Management will require a Bachelor’s degree.
Cardiology Techs aid physicians in diagnosis and treatment of heart, lung, and blood vessel disorders by conducting non-invasive diagnostic tests of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems; maintaining equipment; recording test results.
Coders work in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices to obtain accurate reimbursement for healthcare claims. They utilize specialized medical classification software to assign procedure and diagnosis codes for insurance billing.
A Compliance Officer is responsible for hospital programs, policies, and practices ensuring compliance with JCAHO, HIPAA, and accreditation standards, staying current on laws and regulations of the organization’s policies and procedures.
Dietary/ Food Service
Clinical Dietitians design nutrition programs for patients. The programs may be preventive, for heart disease or obesity, or therapeutic to help a patient with heart disease maintain a baseline health and nutrition state.
Facilities/ Environmental
Hospital Facilities Coordinators, Maintenance Engineers, and Environmental Technicians are responsible for maintaining the extensive heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems in hospitals.
Health Information Management/ Medical Records
Medical Records/ HIM employees manage information records, which include both electronic data and paper files.  Coursework may include coding systems, health care reimbursement, and data systems.
Human Resources
HR positions oversee employee relations which include recruiting, hiring, training new employees, documenting grievances, terminations, absences, performance reports, and compensation and benefits information.
Information Systems
Hospital IT Specialists install and maintain computer systems, working with medical coding software to create and maintain patient files within a database, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.
Medical Technologists (MT) and Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) provide information for patient diagnosis and treatment by performing lab tests in toxicology, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology laboratories.
Materials Management/ Purchasing
Materials, purchasing, or supply chain management coordinates the process of buying materials, products and services, including everything from public bathroom supplies to multimillion-dollar diagnostic equipment.
Nursing – Management
Nurse Managers and Directors oversee a specific hospital department, staff interviewing, hiring, evaluations, mentoring, developing education programs, contributing to staff development, budgeting, and inventory.    
Nursing – Staff
Promotes and restores patients’ health by completing the nursing process; collaborating with physicians and multidisciplinary team members; providing physical and psychological support to patients, friends, and families.
Hospital pharmacists dispense medicinal products and supplies used in the hospital. Other functions can include being involved in procurement, radiotherapy, quality assurance, education and clinical trials.
Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Physicians examine and counsel patients: take medical histories; prescribe medications; and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests.
Quality Improvement ensures that nurses within an organization comply with care standards and quality key performance indicators.  Bachelor’s degree in nursing and CPHQ certification are typically required for a management position
Radiology / Ultrasound
Radiology Techs work with radiologists to diagnose and treat patients using radiologic imaging, including x-rays, magnetic imaging resonance and ultrasound.  Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree needed for ARRT certification.  
Rehabilitation – Occupational/ Physical/ Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapist (OT): fine motor skills. Physical Therapist (PT): gross motor skills. Speech Therapist (ST): communication and swallowing disorders.  
Respiratory Therapists care for patients with breathing disorders.  They consult with physicians to develop patient treatment plans and perform diagnostic tests such as measuring lung capacity.  Associate’s degree and RRT certification.  
Risk/ Safety
The Risk Manager helps manage potential risks and liabilities within a hospital, including creating and implementing policies that improve both patient care and employee safety.  Bachelor’s degree and hospital risk experience are requirements.
Social Worker
Hospital Social Workers provide psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. Services include advising family care givers, providing patient education and counseling, and making referrals.
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