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1. Register as a medical employer

Attention employers!

On this page, you can submit a new job posting. To be able to submit it, you will have to register as an employer. If you are not already registered, you can do that HERE.

If you choose to register on the job posting form, please make sure to check your email and set up a password. That way you can log in and edit your posting any time.

2. Preview hospital job posting

Once you fill out the job posting, you will be able to preview your job posting on this page. You can still edit the posting before choosing a package.

3. Choose Package and Checkout

To choose a package, click on –>Choose Package button. We offer three different packages – a single posting, a three pack and a ten pack. All job postings are published for 60 days from the day of payment approval.

If you have submitted a posting, but haven’t chosen a package and paid for it, then your posting is still pending approval until payment is received. We offer two payment options; PayPal and check payment. In case you choose to pay by check, your posting will not be published until we have received a check in mail.

Important! After submitting a job posting, you have to choose a posting package and continue to checkout. Your posting will be published once has received your payment.


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